After Effects playback speed

Here’s the result of some tests I ran a year or so back for a project. I have to admit, I don’t know the exact details any more and I would not consider the test “scientific” by a long shot… but the gist of it is that I wanted to work out how fast certain image sequence or video formats play back in After Effects (CC 2017 at that point I think). Playback was from an m.2 PCI-E SSD, so there was no bottleneck from either file system nor network. The images were 4k by 4k, if I remember correctly (for a large installation).

These were from renderings out of Cinema 4D R19 (or R18?).

Maybe this will help some of you narrow down your selection of certain file formats for testing. In any case, I can recommend giving the Edius / Grassvalley HQX codecs a try. They are very fast and small and support alpha channels.

CodecPlayback (fps)File size (mb)NotesLosslessmb/fps ratio
QT_JP2000: 1.8fps / 125mb1.812569.44444444
EXR_ZIP: 1.9fps / 295mb1.9295x155.2631579
DPX:216000color fucked up, no alphax8000
EXR_DWAB100: 2.5fps / 72mb – compression errors!2.572Compression errors!28.8
EXR_DWAB45: 2.5fps / 121mb2.512148.4
DNXHR HQX QuickTime Uncompressed Alpha371142371.333333
Tiff_lzw: 5fps / 247mb5247x49.4
Tiff: 5fps / 16.852mb516852x3370.4
JPG+JPGalpha: 5.5fps / 172mb5.517231.27272727
Targa: 5.5fps / 16.844mb5.516844x3062.545455
PNG: 6fps / 166mb6166x27.66666667
JPG: 6.2fps / 106mb6.210617.09677419
DNXHR RGB4446.53705no alpha570
Targe_rle: 7fps / 640mb7640x91.42857143
Cineform_FilmScan1: 10fps / 720mb10720x72
DNXHR HQX10.51854no alpha176.5714286
Cineform_HigherHD: 12fps / 702mb1270258.5
GrassValley_Lossless: 13fps / 667mb13667x51.30769231
MagicYUV_YUV4444: 17fps / 2153mb172153x126.6470588
GrassValleyHQX_Standard: 18fps / 41mb18412.277777778
GrassValleyHQX_SuperFine: 18fps / 87mb18874.833333333
QT_Animation: 19fps / 639mb19639x33.63157895
JPEG2000: no 4kdoes not support 4k x 4k

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