We at 908 have been using Slack for our internal communication for a while now and we’re pretty happy with it. Except, when it comes to file administration, the tools leave much to be desired. Like, a lot. You can either right click in the client and go through the extremely tedious process of deleting files one after the other, or contact Support and as them to do a bulk delete. Which deletes everything from a certain time range. So that’s not ideal either.

Luckily, Slack offers a rather featureful API which, amongst other things, lets us list and delete files. So I sat down and wrote a GUI frontend to make things a bit more comfortable. It’s still early days, but it works.

Note that due to the rate limitations enforced by the API (roughly 50 calls per minute) I had to implement a delay between each call of 1250ms. This isn’t so bad for the listing part, but if you plan to delete a thousand files… well that will take 20.83 minutes. There’s nothing to work around this – so just leave it running in the background…

Source is available here:

Download the latest builds here:

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