Cinema 4D – convert XYZ data to Point Cloud

Here’s a simple little script to turn your XYZ data (that you could get out of Photogrammetry software, for example) into point geometry within Cinema 4D.

Since XYZ is a very, very simple format to store data, there’s little in terms of error checking or whatever. It’s just a long list of numbers with one row per point. If your data contains color information as well as position data (like in the case of Photoscan), this is the kind of result you can expect:

Here’s the script:

It really is quite straight forward. You may need to change the order in which data is being read from each row depending on how your software stores the data in the XYZ file.

For testing, you can just look for the Stanford dragon or bunny as XYZ files or really anything else.

(Note that this script is primarily simple, not fast. Large files take a bit to process)

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