asciigpu asciigpu is a simple python program that reads the current GPU utilization and temperature (and more details if requested) and displays them in a clear way, using a clean terminal ui. This project came to pass because I ran into the asciimatics terminal GUI libray and wanted to do something with it. At the […]

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VS Code Extensions

I’ve moved almost entirely to VS Code for my projects (with the exception of C++ projects in Visual Studio for e.g. Cinema 4D plugins). It’s fast and has lots of useful functions, many of which are provided through extensions. If you’re interested, this is my current list of extensions (can be obtained from the command […]

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GetChildren() in Cinema 4D SDK

For some reason Maxon’s Cinema 4D C++ SDK does not contain a GetChildren() function (whereas the Python SDK does have one). It’s not the hardest thing in the world to write yourself, but you have to do it nontheless. So here’s a simple template…

children is a global variable in this case, but could […]

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