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For our new lab blog, I was looking for a lightweight, yet full-featured CMS solution, that would give me a lot of control over its inner workings, but not require a whole lot of setup to run. After some research, I decided on Grav, an open source, flat file CMS with a nice admin interface, lots of plugins and a good performance. It stores everything using markdown files, hence no database is required. It also syncs easily with a Git repo straight from its UI. I'm not sure if I would recommend it to a beginner though - you do need to do quite some stuff on the shell.

However, after some more testing, the admin interface, while quite feature rich, really made actually typing articles not particularly fast. Also - and I don't know and did not have the patience to work out whether it was Grav or the server - the performance left something to be desired. I really wanted a fast loading page and even though pages were static, their rendering still had to go through the entire PHP pipeline before making it to the screen.

So, now I went with something entirely different. I had some experience using Hugo as a static site generator before and it worked fine. But for quickly throwing articles together, I could not be bothered most of the time to go through the steps (and considering how long it takes for me to post sometimes between articles, I usually forget half of the commands and steps required...). But static sites are fast. And that's why I'm giving Publii a try. It's basically a static site generator as well - but based on a Win/Mac compatible desktop client (Electron based) which then compiles and submits the page to various hosting alternatives.

Well in any case, as has been attempted numerous times, I'll try and put something on this blog on a semi regular basis. It may not happen. It never really worked out in the past ;) But I'll make an effort (as every developer knows - writing tools is fun, documenting them? not so much).