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Redshift in a Windows domain environment

Usage of the Cinema 4D Standard or Physical renderer has decreased to a very low percentage in our studio. They still have their ocassional uses of course, as for certain renderings with simple materials it is very hard to beat…

Force domain-wide Group Policy update

Since we moved our workstations to a Windows domain, the administration of those workstations has become significantly easier. One of the reasons for this are of course Group Policies. However, sometimes it's rather inconvenient to have to wait for the clients…

PowerShell Grep Sed

If you're familiar with grep and sed on Linux, you may come to miss them in a Windows environment (although the WSL subsystem / GNU tools for Windows exist, so...). Thankfully, with Powershell we have equally competent tools at hand.

New Blog

For our new lab blog, I was looking for a lightweight, yet full-featured CMS solution, that would give me a lot of control over its inner workings, but not require a whole lot of setup to run. After some research,…